Are you ready for an unprecedented underwater adventure? Get ready to immerse yourself in a fascinating and mysterious world, where sharks have reigned supreme for 450 million years.

Immerse yourself in a breathtaking journey through the mysterious ocean depths, from the warm tropical seas to the cold Arctic waters. From gigantic squids to tiny luminescent creatures, the exhibition will take you through the depths of the oceans, revealing the enchantment and fascination of their alien world. Discover how the ocean abyss has been a testing ground for evolution, where extraordinary creatures like sharks have developed, and where undiscovered beings still hide. This is your chance to explore an alien and captivating world, far away from the Earth's surface.

But that's not all: you will have the opportunity to admire up-close life-sized reconstructions of the most spectacular sharks from every corner of the planet, uncover their incredible adaptations, and understand how these formidable predators have become preys in the modern era. You will also learn how sharks have influenced the culture of many populations, such as the Maori people, and how their survival is at risk, with many species on the brink of extinction. But fear not, the exhibition is not only an educational experience but also fun and engaging. You can observe the internal anatomy of a shark up-close and even watch exclusive documentaries on the connection between sharks and the Maori people.

In short, this exhibition is an unmissable opportunity to discover the magical world of the oceans and fall in love with the splendid creatures that inhabit it. Are you ready to dive into this one-of-a-kind adventure?


The exhibition features life-sized reconstructions of sharks from seas and oceans around the world. Using models, videos, descriptive panels, and tactile relief sculptures, the anatomy of these magnificent specimens is illustrated.

A section of the exhibition is dedicated to species conservation, explaining how the most fearsome predator has become prey in modern times.


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